Editing Travel Videos with the Movavi Video Editor for Mac Review

Don’t you think it’d be great if you had the video editing chops to be able to take all that footage you recorded during your travels and turn it into an amazing video? Imagine how nice it would be to be able to compile the footage and spruce it up so that it looks appealing enough to keep as a memento or even share on social media?

Despite the reputation of video editing as being difficult, tough, and having a steep learning curve – the Movavi Video Editor for Mac is none of those things. In contrast to other video editors you may have used in the past, it is an intuitive and easy-to-use Mac movie maker, and is ideal if you’d like to edit your travel videos without having to jump through any hoops.


Even if it is your first time using the Movavi Video Editor for Mac (or editing videos in general), you should have no trouble navigating its user-friendly interface. From there, it’s just a question of utilizing its extensive features to tweak and improve your videos so that they look the way that you want them to.

Some of the types of edits that you could perform on your travel videos include:

  • Cutting the video into segments to remove unwanted footage or extract important parts of the video.
  • Combine multiple video clips into a single video.
  • Add audio tracks to include voiceovers or background music and regulate the audio levels.
  • Enhance the video with a single click, or by manually adjusting the color settings.
  • Insert customizable text to create unique watermarks, captions or subtitles.
  • Include stylish animated transitions between scenes to jazz up your video.
  • Optimize the video for any device or platform with the help of hundreds of presets.

All of that is just a small part of what the Movavi Video Editor for Mac is capable of – but as you can see, it has everything you need to come up with a professional-looking travel video. Assuming you travel often, you may even want to consider starting your very own video log of your travels, seeing as you now know how to edit your videos and make them appealing to viewers.

The 5 Best Places to Whale Watch

Both Travelocity and Orbitz offer incredible discounts on whale watching tours all around the world. However, it may be hard for nature lovers and adventurers to choose their perfect whale watching location. Here is a list of the five best places to go whale watching around the world

Whale Watch

Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland is one of the most magnificent whale watching sites in all the world. You can see 22 different species of whales along the coast, including sperm, Orca and even blue whales.  This location is famous for having the largest population of humpback whales in the world.

 The Azones, Portugal

This small nine island chain in the Atlantic Ocean has amazing short-finned pilot and sperm whale watching. Of the nine volcanic islands, Pico, offers the best and most scenic whale watching.

Orcas Island, Washington

Orcas Island, is the largest island off the coast of Washington State. Pods of gray and orca whales can be seen gathering just off the 125-mile coastline. Peak season is from spring until fall, when whale watchers can enjoy watching both species migrate south.

Orca, Johnstone Strait, BC

Kaikoura, New Zealand

This small town off the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, is world renowned for its diverse marine life. One of the main things that makes this location so unique, is that it’s one of the world’s most likely places to see a sperm whale. And because of its climate, you can see different species of whale all year round, from humpbacks to pods of pilot whales. And marine life lovers can also enjoy seeing dolphins and fur seals along Kaikoura’s coastline as well.

Los Cabos, Mexico

In addition to seeing blues, grays and sperm whales off of Los Cabos, you can also see hundreds of migrating humpbacks from January through April. On many boat tours, you can see mother’s nursing and playing with their young during peak season.

How to Save Travel Videos on a Smartphone

Are you the kind of person who likes to find out more about a place that they’re going to visit by watching travel videos? Honestly it is a great way to find out what to look out for and expect in a completely new place, which is probably why travel videos, webcasts, and so on are so popular nowadays.

But don’t you wish you could take these videos with you?

As you’ve probably already noticed – most travel videos tend to be streamed and there isn’t an option to save them. That’s why it can be frustrating to know that it would be ideal if you could – but you’re unable to do so.

The good news is that with some video creator software – you can do just that.

Using Screen Capture to Record the Travel Video

All you need is easy to use software that has the option to screen capture videos. Assuming you have that, then you just need to select the region where the travel video you want to save is playing and hit record. Be sure to select system audio so that you save the audio commentary too.

When it’s done just hit stop and you’ll have successfully recorded the travel video. Some software will allow you to set a timer so that you don’t actually have to be there to hit stop – but the bottom line is the same.

Editing and Saving the Travel Video

Once recorded, you could just save the travel video as is, but if there’s only a portion of it that you’d like to carry with you then you may want to choose to edit it and cut out all the other irrelevant parts.

Whatever the case, when you’re satisfied you can save the video into a format that is ideal for your smartphone. For first timers this may prove to be tricky, but the better software out there nowadays includes helpful presets for all types of mobile platforms so you shouldn’t have any issues really.

After that just transfer the video over to your smartphone and you’re done.

See how easy it can be to save travel videos onto your smartphone? Now the next time you go on a trip you can carry all the great advice and insider information from those travel videos with you so you won’t miss a thing even while traveling.

Discover Beauty and Solitude

When you think of a vacation, dreams of warm beaches, sunny skies and peaceful relaxation come to mind. Avoiding the thick, busy crowds of bustling ports and loud environments are what you seek for your next excursion. In the South Pacific Ocean, east of mainland Australia lies the perfect retreat you are looking for.

Discover Beauty

Rich History and Lush Surroundings

When you are looking for accommodation on Norfolk Island, you’ll discover so much about this secluded vacation spot that will entice you to visit. With a land area of only thirty-five square kilometres, the pristine isle will draw you in with its many exotic features and views. You’ll marvel at the classic Colonial era housing that harkens back to the heritage of its rich history. There are historical ruins to explore that will lead you down paths offering the fresh aroma of pine.

The archipelago’s population of just over two thousand speaks of the quiet lifestyle and surroundings you will enjoy during your visit. With strong cultural influences from both English and Polynesian cultures, you’ll experience a friendly people ready to share their experience with you. There is a unique creole style language spoken there referred to as Norfuk which blends Tahitian and English together.

accommodation on Norfolk Island

Getting around Norfolk Island is done through a series of roads. There are no trains, buses, waterways or any type of harbour. There is plenty of room to drive about the isle. However, you will have to defer to cows, as they have the right of way! Getting to the archipelago itself since it is devoid of a harbour requires you arrive either by boat at a jetty or the small airport located there. Arriving supplies need to be offloaded by boat to a jetty due to the unusual makeup of the isle.

Norfolk Island had a system of government, police and health care, but the size is much smaller than you may be accustomed to. There is a hospital for minor medical events, a small police force to govern the area and a legal system in place. While the residents consider themselves self-governed, they are officially considered a part of the Commonwealth of Australia. There is much to be discovered when learning about the long history of the residents.

Norfolk Island

Planning Your Visit

Depending on the type of visit you are planning, there are several lovely places to stay on Norfolk Island. There are traditional hotel facilities available to book as well as beautiful bed and breakfasts and apartment or villa style homes available for rent. Many of the bookings include a hire car, which will enhance your stay, allowing you to freely explore the many sights and experiences.

visit you are planning

Some available rentals provide luxurious amenities such a swimming pool, BBQ, internet and delicious bar and restaurant choices. Enjoy golf, spa treatments and more or spend your time taking in the breathtaking sights and sounds of this pristine retreat. You’ll also enjoy beautiful, temperate weather year-round, making anytime a great time to pay a visit to Norfolk Island.

Skills You Need To Have For Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is quickly becoming a popular outdoor sport in the United States because it is not only exciting but inexpensive and healthy. So, if you are planning to take up kayak fishing as your hobby or as a means of weekend relaxation, it can be just the thing you need. However, to be a successful kayak angler you need to have some skills that are most expected to be developed with time as you stick to kayak fishing. This post will highlight on some of the basic skills that you need to have for effective kayak fishing.

Kayak Fishing

  • Kayak riding: Unless you are using a motorized kayak, which is obviously a much expensive option than the paddled ones having skills to ride the kayak efficiently and also in the way you want it is necessary. In case you do not have any prior experience of riding a kayak, you can surely develop that with time. However, for the enthusiasts with no previous experience in kayaking it is suggested to take assistance from a professional at least for the first few rides or until he feels comfortable to ride it alone.
  • Kayak positioning: Kayak positioning is vital in order to catch fish efficiently. The paddle should be always ready to thrust and changing direction often and adjusting position quickly is necessary while fishing. For efficient kayak positioning while fishing it is important to practice to use the paddle with one hand while holding the fishing rod in the other. You can know more about kayak positioning from the site com.
  • Observation skills: Sight fishing is more suited for fishing from a raised platform, but for kayak fishing it is vital to be observant of the visible cues indicating the presence of fish in the water. Being closer to water enables the angler to observe movement in the water, or even fins or tails of fishes above the water. At times schools of fish travel through the surface water; they also remain immobile in the surface water while taking rest and this is when they can be caught through eyes with proper observational skills.
  • Kayak fish handling skills: Handling the fish after it has gulped the bait always make a vital part of fishing. In kayak fish handling one can easily use the power of the kayak to efficiently fight and catch even the big fishes, but in case, he/she is not quite efficient in kayak handling it can even turn up as an obstruction for fish fighting. The kayak can be efficiently used as a backup drag system for the wheel if you are fluent enough with it.

Kayak fish handling skills

The 4 skills mentioned above can actually make you a successful kayak angler but if you are lacking in any of the above it is only a matter of time till you develop them. However, for the time, while you are still learning, it is always suggested to take assistance from experienced kayak anglers and ensure the best safety measures in case there is an emergency.

Author Bio: The writer of this article is a kayak fishing enthusiast with years of experience. He loves to share his experience and knowledge with the fresh kayak anglers to help them become successful in their hobby. You can read more of his posts in fishingkayakview.com.

Travelling To Morocco? Here Are The Essential Items To Take With You

You’re finally going to Morocco, which is amazing. You’re going to see some beautiful architecture, experience a vibrant and friendly culture, eat some amazing food, see some stunning scenery and potentially buy some really amazing items from the souks. But now you know you’re going, you have the difficult process of packing appropriately. Packing for any trip can be tricky, but packing for Morocco can be particularly tricky because the culture and climate are so different compared to the UK.

With these easy tips you should be able to pack everything you need to have a great time in Morocco:

Essentials –

You’re going to have certain items you need to enable yourself to actually get to Morocco and get into your accommodation, so this should be your priority list.

packing for Morocco

  • Your Passport – check it is in date, keep it in a case to protect it and ensure it is with you in your hand luggage.
  • A drivers license – essential if you’re hiring a car
  • Travel tickets – plane tickets, transfer tickets if you need them and any tickets for trips booked
  • Any travel information like your hotel name and details on how to get there, copies of your passport and so on – keep together in a folder
  • Credit or debit cards – useful to have if you’re planning on not just taking all of your travel money with you in cash
  • Money – you’ll want some English money for the airport as well as your travel money which should be split between your carry on luggage and your check in luggage – splitting it means if one item gets lost or stolen you won’t have lost it all
  • Travel insurance – you must take all of your travel insurance information with you
  • Health information – documentation for essential medication and any other important health information
  • Emergency Information – this should be a list of contact numbers you might need in case of an emergency – travel insurance numbers, people to contact at home etc

Emergency Information


You do not need to take any vaccinations before travelling to Morocco, but it is worth taking a few essential medications with you. There are pharmacies throughout Morocco but it’s worth taking your own medication so you don’t have to run out and get any if you fall ill or have an accident. Because of the varied climate and terrain in Morocco it is worth taking:

  • Diarrhoea tablets and constipation tablets
  • Antibiotic cream and spray
  • Plasters
  • A standard bandage and medical tape
  • Any contraception you take
  • Antihistamine
  • Travel sickness tablets
  • Paracetamol and Ibuprofen
  • Insect repellant
  • Suncream (minimum factor 30)
  • Aftersun

travel Morocco Medicine


Although your hotel will have some toiletries available, you will more than likely want to take your own. If you are only going on a short trip, select travel sized bottles of things like shampoo, toothpaste and mouthwash or buy refill bottles.

Consider taking the following toiletries with you:

  • Sanitary towels and/ or tampons
  • Hair brushes, bobbles, hair grips etc
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Shower gel
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Tissues
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shaving kit

travel Morocco     Shaving kit


Because Morocco is a Muslim country women are expected to cover up and the general dress code throughout the country is generally considered quite conservative. This doesn’t mean smart, it simply means avoiding clothes that are too revealing.

Consider taking the following clothing as well as your standard holiday clothes:

  • A full swimsuit for the beach, hammam and swimming pool if your hotel has one
  • A hat and headscarf (for certain mosques)
  • Gloves (if you go horse riding or mountain biking with Moroccan Views)
  • Sturdy footwear for long days shopping or for Atlas Mountain hiking trips


You will want to take certain electronics on the trip with you but do beware of pickpockets if you take any of it out in a public place. When storing it in your hotel, use the room or reception safe.

Consider taking the following electronics:

Morocco  phone charger

  • Phone & phone charger
  • Travel plug adapter
  • Camera and camera charger and memory card (if applicable)

These are just some of the essential items you should consider taking with you on your trip to Morocco. Remember, the better prepared you are the more relaxed you can be during your trip.

How to Choose A Rental Villa For Your Vacation?

On the off chance that you are considering leasing a manor for your next excursion, it pays to do some exploration so you can locate the best alternative. A manor is the ideal approach to get additional space, while making investment funds on your get-away. There are numerous sorts of manors in any given area and a snappy pursuit of convenience in your wanted area can help you to recognize the best alternatives accessible. The accompanying tips will help you to settle on the best choices with the goal that you can appreciate your excursion. Most of the Travellers prefer to login with real estate websites in india.

Rent/Lease Vacation Home

Measure the advantages and downsides of leasing the property secretly or through an administration organization. By and large, managing the proprietor is less expensive and the administration is frequently more customized. Then again, the over saw properties normally offer additional administrations and on location bolster, which is incredible on the off chance that something turns out badly. Consider your needs and the kind of rental bundle you oblige when settling on the choice.

You have to rundown your needs before you begin sorting the alternatives accessible. When you recognize what you require, you can search for the manor that will best address your issues. Consider the quantity of rooms you need and analyze the distinctive highlights accessible. At the point when considering your choices, recall that accessibility is a tremendous element. Check with the proprietors or posting operators to affirm that the office will be accessible when you require it.

Taking a Best Part in Vacation Home

At the point when taking a gander at site photos of the property, you have to recall that photographs can be misdirecting. Verify that you take a gander at numerous shots and take a gander at both inside and outside perspectives of every unit. Numerous sites use photographs taken in terrible lighting and this can cover up numerous disasters. Where conceivable, it serves to visit the area or you can search for references so you can get an exact sentiment on the state of the estate. You ought to likewise get some answers concerning adjacent attractions and other accessible courtesies.

It is vital to get some information about everything concerning the manor. Get some information concerning the best dozing plans, kitchen adornments, closeness to the closest supermarket, courses of action for upkeep and different points of interest at vacation homes. It is insufficient to depend on email correspondence when making the booking, talk specifically to the proprietor or operators so you can illuminate all the points of interest.

4 activities that you can do during summer in India

India is known for its cultural values and traditions that has been in existence since ages. Due to its varied culture and diverse traditions, the country has plenty of things to do. It can be stated that India will promise you a memorable and happy journey throughout your stay. If you have more days to explore the country, then we suggest you to hire a place on rental basis, instead of booking a hotel.

If you check the website for real estate, you would find that paying monthly rent is better than paying huge hotel bills. A rental apartment works best if you are with a family as booking two to three rooms in a hotel will cost you a lot.

Here are a few outdoor activities during your stay in India:

  1. Sightseeing in various places of India:

Think of wildlife parks to long islands, from blue water beaches to lush green forests, India is a big world in itself. The forests, beaches, islands and mountains cannot fall short of its beauty, for the tourists to explore. If you consider the national parks of India, the country covers about 80 National parks and more than 400 sanctuaries to know. Check the map of India and list down the places you would wish to visit during your journey.

  1. Shopping:

This is one word that is going to surely make all the ladies happy. The stay is worth,after knowing that shopping is extremely fun and economical for the tourists. Talk about handicrafts, antiques, artifacts, precious stones, jewelry and anything that you desire, India has everything to offer you. Summer is a month of sales and discounts everywhere in India.

  1. Outdoor activities in India:

Whether it is mountaineering, trekking, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, para gliding or anything else, India promises to fulfill these. You would first need to find a place to stay on rent to drop your luggage and then start exploring the country.

  1. Trying out the food:

For foodies, the country is full of surprises. Every State has something different to offer you on the plate. Whether it is the VadaPav of Maharashtra or the Idlis of Kerala,you will not be disappointed for the variety of food to explore. Moreover, there are a huge number of restaurants and hotels for you to try and note them as your favorite.

Choose the Best Fitted Lodging Option While Travelling

There once was the time when traveller used to think that hotel is the only place to lodge during travelling. But now the concept has changed a lot. Hotel now is considered as a place for unnecessary amusements and spending money over it. Instead of that, staying in vacation home is the best substitute. Although, if you want to enjoy the artificial pampering facilities like spa, swimming pools, steam therapies and other things then you can surely look for five star hotels. Or if you are more prone to enjoy the simple natural bliss within your limited budget, vacation homes are the best fitted home stays.

Search on internet:

Presently with the huge craze for vacation rentals, real estate sites are inclining for listing vacation rentals along with saleable properties. So, after deciding the place you want to travel around, you can spend few times searching on web for picking up the best vacation rentals in your preferred place. And from there you can even compare the price.

Option While Travelling

Book early:

Travel nomads do not need a season to trot around. They simply need the break form their work and then they leave irrespective of the season. And if you are also one of them and want a better affordable accommodation, it is better if you book early. The earlier you can book the cheaper rentals you can get.

Contact with the home owner:

The very next important thing after choosing the right home is to consult with the property owner. It is being said that, since you are planning to spend your vacation in a rented place, you should not hesitate to talk with the land owner. As you have seen that the rate of the price on internet, it does not mean that you cannot negotiate over the rates. Once you get the contact of the owner you can certainly ask for lower rates. And besides that you should also clear the terms and condition factors.

Look for the facilities:

There are many travellers who become contented once they land in the rental and think that they have solved their accommodation issue. But the thing does not end here. If you select a place which is a way far from the town and its facilities, then you too would not be able to access to those necessities at the hour of your need. So, always make sure that the rental is nearer to market, ATM, grocery stores and have local clinics and hospitals.

So, on your next trip when you will be going to book a vacation rental from property search websites in India, consider these upper mentioned points to ensure better travelling experiences.

Snowy Season Fun: Sports Travel Insurance Simplified

Over the past decade winter travel has steadily grown in popularity. Many individuals and families alike put a great deal of planning and money into yearly trips to one snow-capped region or another. Because of this growing popularity, during the winter months travel around the globe does not slow but continues at a steady pace. In many cases the furthest thing from any winter travellers mind is the danger that may lie ahead, especially if they are unprepared.

winter travel

The majority of travellers will find themselves on a snowy mountain, more than ready to ski or board the slopes, without giving additional travel insurance a second thought. Similar to travels done in warmer conditions there is an ultimate concern with insurance in case of unforeseen events. The very last thing an individual wants to worry about during their winter holiday is whether or not they can replace a damaged item or afford an unplanned medical bill. Luckily there are a majority of companies that provide winter sports travel insurance.

Relax Without Worry

A majority of those who holiday during winter will pay a visit to a resort of some variety. While visiting these establishments, many patrons do not bring their own equipment but rather rent their desired tools. Winter sports insurance serves as a financial buffer if rental equipment, such as a snowboard or skis, where to go missing or become damaged beyond repair. In addition, there are also insurance companies that cover winter activities such as snow sledging and off-piste skiing as well as a variety of other sports that may not be as commonly participated in.

Relax Without Worry

Another wonderful service that winter sports travel insurance can provide is money back in case of a piste closure. During the winter months the possibility of landslides or avalanches is something that cannot be controlled and in many cases an accurate prediction of when they will occur is not possible. Having this type of insurance ensures that each traveller does not lose out on their investment in their holiday, due to circumstances that were unpredictable and ultimately uncontrollable.

In the Details

Although the majority of travel companies will provide wonderful winter sports add on packages, there may be some variety exclusion for this type of coverage. While in most cases this type of policy covers loss of property and cancellations, it is limited to a particular age bracket. In many cases travel insurances providers feel that individuals over a certain age provide too high of a risk for injury when participating in winter activities. Most commonly winter sports policy will only cover individuals who are currently under the age of 65. Although there may be come exceptions to this rule, it is best that each customer double check what their policy does and does not include.

Passport And Boarding Pass with itinerary ticket

Passport And Boarding Pass with itinerary ticket

Aside from age and carefully reviewing whatever winter policy that is purchased, there are a few things that can be done to help ensure a safe and fun filled trip. The main suggestion would be to always take to the slopes with a group. It cuts down on the chances of becoming trapped in an area alone and a lodge or resort will be aware of a missing group sooner than an individual. Another common tip is to follow good piste etiquette. Right of way should always be given to those in front and below. And lastly a person should know their limits before you head out for a fun filled day of snow activities, this will help ensure that no one is injured.